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Lyme disease is on the rise. Read the Lyme Disease Health Trends Report by Quest Diagnostics.

Accurately diagnose your patients with tick-borne diseases sooner

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In recent years, the number of northeastern US counties identified as having a high incidence of Lyme disease has increased more than 320%.1

Testing from Quest can help you make accurate tick-borne disease diagnoses

With more than 30 tick-borne disease tests and panels, including both molecular and serologic testing, Quest can help you make timely, differential diagnoses.

Testing helps support accurate, differential diagnoses

Diagnosis of tick-borne disease is primarily based on:

  • History of exposure to an area where ticks are endemic
  • Clinical presentation

Because tick-related illnesses present similar signs and symptoms, laboratory testing can help confirm a clinical diagnosis. Tests include:

  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based assays
  • Serologic techniques
  • Microscopic visualization
  • Culture
  • Tick identification

1. Kugeler KJ, Farley GM, Forrester JD, et al. Geographic Distribution and Expansion of Human Lyme Disease, United States. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2015;21(8):1455-1457.

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