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Committed to health care in Rhode Island

Quest Diagnostics is far more than a lab. We share a lot of your core values—a commitment to the community, a passion for quality and safety, fair patient pricing practices, and a focus on delivering outstanding care that advances patient health.

We are driven to inspire new discoveries that can lead to better patient and financial outcomes in our local communities. Working together, we can bring you the tests and tools that can help improve the quality of life of patients throughout Rhode Island.

Innovative solutions to our local challenges

As the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information, and services, you can count on Quest to consistently deliver new innovations in diagnostic testing for conditions that are significantly impacting the health of our local communities. When you choose Quest, we can work together to provide the insights that inspire patients to make more informed decisions for better health.

4th generation HIV Ag/Ab combination assay that detects HIV, sooner1-3, so patients can get the treatment they need, and take appropriate steps to prevent passing HIV to others.

With a single visit and a highly accurate, objective result unaffected by the BCG* vaccine, IGRAs are the preferred method for TB testing for many patient types compared to the century-old Mantoux tuberculin skin test.

*Bacille Calmette-Guérin

From diagnosis to cure, Quest helps you manage Hep C at every stage, offering an industry-leading range of testing options.

Quest offers molecular and serologic testing for tick-borne diseases so you can make a timely, differential diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment path. View a recent report that illustrates the growing and evolving threat of tickborne diseases.

Tools and services to optimize financial and health outcomes

We are all experiencing the effects of the dynamic changes occurring in today’s healthcare ecosystem. As the industry shifts from a volume-based reimbursement strategy to models that reward better outcomes, we have proven experience providing health systems like Care New England the tools and services that help deliver, analyze, and document healthcare delivery. When you choose Quest, we can work together to provide the insights that inspire patients to make more informed decisions for better health.


Healthcare IT

Analyze, connect, and engage data via our integrated suite of health information technology solutions to help to improve quality and health outcomes—and your bottom line.


Quest Lab Stewardship

Working with you, we will help design a customized solution to more efficiently operate your laboratory, while driving a reduction in clinical care variation and allowing you to more effectively manage the health of your patient population.


Population Insights/ Quest Data Analytics

Access comprehensive patient healthcare information on demand and at the point of care, enabling physicians to make more informed decisions based on a patient’s complete profile outcome.


Fair pricing

We are committed to helping patients get the testing they need. We offer a Real-Time Estimator tool that provides patients with clear out-of-pocket costs before they receive testing, as well as Financial Assistance Programs for those patients who qualify.


Lab services

For more than 50 years, we have been providing health systems access to laboratory solutions that can help improve workflow and lower organizational costs.


Patient engagement

To complement your ongoing initiatives around patient-and family-centered care, we have a series of patient educational tools that are designed to keep patients engaged in their own health and ensure compliance with testing orders.

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Our goal to promote a healthier world will only be accomplished by creating an inclusive workplace, where everyone can come together and help us achieve our vision of empowering better health.

That’s why we—like you—regularly invest in our employees. Our ability to engage and empower our employees helps us inspire positive change where we live and work, and drive healthcare forward.

Over the past few years, Quest has been recognized by several leading organizations for our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workplace:

We recognize our responsibility to healthcare extends beyond the workplace, and we have a commitment to support strong, healthier communities. Quest is proud to work with various nonprofits who share our drive to help people better manage disease and lead healthier lives.

Choose a lab that shares your commitment to a lasting, positive impact on healthcare in our local communities.

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